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Well, well, I didn't bring my MacBook to the school so to update the blog, I will type it in English. If you don't understand it or have no idea what heck I am writing, please leave comments.

Today is the actual "New Teachers Orientation" day. By yesterday, it was just shopping or paper work for the residence visa but from today, it will be for school matters.

I got up 7am and 7:10, got on a bus to the school.

The first one was Breakfast social. Talk to local hired teachers and staff. Also there were several part time teachers. The Middle School's new teachers are 7 teachers. Not a lot but very interesting group of people.

Then the Superintendent made a speech for the annual goals etc. He is a great public speaker (like W. Churchill) and everyone listened to him with good laughs.

After 10am, there were meetings. The schedule was:

(1) Library Orientation and 6 Traits of Research
(2) Computer Orientation (What to do for the class sites etc)
(3) Curriculum Orientation (Atlas Update etc)
(4) Policies and Procedures in Middle School

I just found out that the administrators in this school is VERY STRONG. But they are approachable and supportive. I have enjoyed talking with them in and out of class/school. There are also reasons for decision-making. This is the one I wanted as educational administration.

Anyway, I was very happy to be the part of this community. I am sure that I will enjoy with students and faculty here!

From tomorrow, there will be ALL faculty/staff meetings (for 3 days).

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