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Algebra I Syllabus


とりあえずはAlgebra Iから。「これはどういうことなの?」とか「こうしたほうがいいよ」という提案があれば、どんどん言ってください。今後、かなり変更しなければならないかもしれないので、アイディア募集しております。
Greeley West High School
Cover Sheet 2006-2007
MAT306/307: Algebra I

Course Description:
This course is the in-depth study of algebraic topics including equations, systems of equations, quadratic equations, and radical expressions. Students will apply algebraic properties to a variety of mathematical expressions. Problem solving with appropriate application problems is also a focus of this course. Topics mastered in this course provide the foundation for all further math classes.

Ideas about this course:
This course is designed for Colorado Students Assessment Program (CSAP). Therefore one of goals of this class will be that all students in my class will be proficient or above in math on this coming CSAP. CSAP will ask you questions you have learned in this class and in a middle school. To do well on CSAP you are required to follow me and to master contents knowledge covered in this class.
Another goal of this class is to improve your critical thinking skills based on your math foundations. Using mathematics, you will make better decisions in real life. You cannot directly see how math is useful but after you complete this class, you will recognize that you can effectively and efficiently analyze and synthesize problems or issues by applying the skills to your life.

Course Outcomes:
? Students will solve linear equations, systems of equations in 2 variables, quadratic equations, and inequalities.
? Students will perform operations of radicals and exponents and solve equations involving them.
? Students will graph linear functions, inequalities, and quadratic equations.
? Students will describe and use factoring and the quadratic formula.
? Students will demonstrate proficiency with the Pythagorean theorem.
? Students will find and use slope and intercepts of lines in problem solving.

Primary Methods of Instruction:
The method used in this class is mainly lecture. The class will be: (1) Review Quiz (10-20 minutes), (2) Lecture on new materials (35-55 minutes), (3) Practice problems (20-30 minutes), and (4) Questions/Evaluations/Note-Check (5 minutes).

Materials Needed:
? Binder or folder specifically for Algebra I.
? Notebook/Paper for Algebra I.
? Pencil, red or blue pen.

? The grading scale is as follows:
A = 90-100%
B = 80-89%
C = 70-79%
D = 60-69%
F = Below 59%

? Your grade for this course consists of the following parts:
Assessments: 50%
Final Exam: 10%
Quizzes: 15%
Journal Entries & Notebook Check & Daily Work: 25%
Course Requirements:
? Assessments (50%):
o When one or more chapters are done, you will take an exam. Each exam will be announced at least one week in advance.
o If you miss an exam, you have one week to make it up. After this deadline, you will receive a zero and the grade cannot be changed.
o If your score is below 60%, you are required to talk to me and to attend a tutoring session in ACCESS on a gold day or after 3:00pm. This is a second chance. Take advantage of this session.
o Before each exam, you will have a study session during ACCESS time and after 3:00 pm. You will receive a study guide and work on the similar problems you will see on an exam. (A study session will be announced in class.)
? Quizzes (15%):
o When you get a classroom, you will take a review quiz for 10-20 minutes.
o The questions on a quiz are mainly from homework and previous class lecture. Therefore I strongly encourage you to review notes and handouts everyday.
o Make-up will be not allowed (No exception).
? Homework/ Daily Work/ Notebook Check (25%):
o Homework will be assigned but will NOT be graded except some journal assignments for writing.
o Your daily homework is to review your notes and to do problems again you did in class. Reviewing your notes means that you must remember important concepts and formula and that you are able to solve all questions covered in class.
o Your daily work is to take notes and to do practice problems.
o Your notebook will be checked daily and be collected and graded on exam days. Journal assignments will be handed out when we started new contents and will be collected when you take an exam. (Turning in journals with notebooks.)
o The grade of notebook check is simple. If the notebook is neat and well organized, you will receive A (on 100 point scale). If not, automatically 0 point. You should NOT draw pictures or not combine this class’s notebook with other subjects which cause zero for the category.
o You cannot make up a notebook check unless you copy notes from your classmate and do practice problems by yourself.
? Final Exam (10%):
o There will be a comprehensive final exam at the end of each semester. There are no exemptions from final.
? Extra Credits:
o Extra credits will be awarded at various times throughout the semester. DO NOT come to me the last week of class and ask for extra credits.

Availability for help:
? ACCESS Time on Gold Days. (Room__________)
? Most Day after 3:00 to 4:00 pm. (To be announced)
? Other times by appointments.

? Attendance is mandatory since if you miss class, you will not be able to make up a quiz and notebook check.
? If you get an excuse absence, you are required to call Attendance Office and to bring an excuse note from your parents (your parents must sign and describe why you are unable to come to class.) when you come back. No exception!
? You must follow all rules on Students Handbook.
? Also my class has classroom rules (you will find below). If you do not follow you will NOT receive any point for the day.

Classroom Rules: Here are two basic rights and 5 responsibilities.
? Two Basic Rights
o Everyone has a right to be respected; and
o No one has the right to interfere with learning.
? Five Responsibilities
o Bring all needed materials to class. There is NO extra pencil or pen.
o Come to class on time. Be in your seat and when a bell rings, work on a quiz.
o Do not talk or leave your desk when someone else is talking.
o Keep the classroom clean.
o Obey all school rules and my directions in any situations.

Food and Drink:
? You may bring beverages to class as long as they do not interfere with the learning process and the classroom stays clean.
? NO FOOD is allowed.

Cell Phones/ iPod/ Headphones/ Electric Devices:
? Any electric devices are NOT allowed.
? If you bring and use them during the class, I will take them and keep them by 3:30pm.

Key to Success:
? Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Make mistakes but reduce them by the next class meeting.
? Spend at least 90 minutes to study for this class. You should do the exercise/problems you did in class again at home. Clarify what you can do and cannot.
? Work and study with your group members.
? Take advantage of ACCESS, Study Session, and Tutoring Session.
? Ask questions.